Michael Hill

    I was born in Athens, a small town in Northern Alabama where I still live with Kim my wife of 30+ years. We have two sons, Jon and Ben. 
    This blog site is primarily used as a platform to showcase my first novel   A Soldier of the Word. 
    I also use this as an opportunity to explain my thoughts and beliefs regarding Christianity as well as everything else. Please be sure to leave a comment.
  Mike Hill
What is the true nature of Mankind?
   That is the one question that the mighty Archangel Michael cannot understand until he is given an opportunity by the creator to find out for himself.
   Growing up Michael Stuart finds life in a small town of South Georgia to be hard. 
   As a teenager, a chance encounter with a witch in the Okefenoke Swamps marks him for sacrifice, and plunges him headlong into a race to escape the demonic forces sent to kill him.
   Nathaniel; a member of the mysterious Brotherhood of the Word, offers him a slim chance for freedom. But first they must find an ancient talisman called the Basar.
   Can he find this talisman in time to save himself from the certain death ordered by the Angel of Darkness;Gadreel the Deceiver?
or does God have something else in mind for him?

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